Since beginning registering farmers in July 2019, we have registered 375 farmers with plots totaling 255 acres, and growing. 

Our clients are typical smallholders. Based on likelihood measures*, 47% of our customers are below $1.9/day and based on client-reported income, 65% of them earn less than this.


We evaluate the impact of our services by comparing incomes between farmers using our services and nearby farmers who for circumstantial reasons, cannot qualify or prefer other methods of irrigation. The main reason for not qualifying is that they do not have any nearby water source which has enough water to use a pump, but use watering cans. 

Initial findings show registered farmers have larger plots for irrigation. This increase in plot size large, almost double that of control farmers (.31 acres for control farmers vs .61 for registered). From discussions with farmers, this is due to the Agriworks service being easier to apply enough water and affordable to irrigate larger plots.